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Guess What – December 2014

Guess What - December 2014

Guess What – December 2014

by Bob Cahn – “The Primitive Man”
Guess What - December 2014 Blacksmith’s art is at its craftiest. Two for the price of one; that’s what you’re getting with this month’s GUESS WHAT.
When two sets of  hands and two heads get together, the result is the mystery before you, one with the idea, the other implementing it with iron forge skills.
It opens and closes, it pivots, it leverages — does everything short of playing the Bolero.
The gizmo measures 21″ in length.
The second item — or companion piece is similar in function but by two separate perpetraters.
Guessing time — have fun!
It is?
1.) Bucket lifter/carrier handle
2.) Log basket/fire wood puller
3.) Early cement worker’s grout gully maker
4.) Hand forged nail puller
5.) Commercial fisherman’s sailing vessel loose lines organizer
6.) Dog play yard leash tie-up stake
7.) Wood carver’s burnishing tool and trimmer
8.) Ice fishing hole-in-the-ice location marker
9.) Taxidermist’s entrails disembowler
10.) Lawn bowling (Bocce) nearest to the pin measuring device.
That’s the list of possibilities, with the answer in easy sight.
See you next month with another puzzler. ’Til then!*
Many thanx to MJD — Martin J. Donnelly Antique Tool Auction, Avoca, N.Y. for allowing the use of the above item.— but not a fake!
Answer to November’s Guess What
If last month’s GUESS WHAT confused you, it did us as well when we first stumbled upon it.
Guess What - December 2014
But further study provided the answer. It’s an adjustable buttonhole sizer gauge or cutting frame. The brass plate covers the slit, allowing it to expand elongatedly or contract, to fit the sizes needed for various garments being worked on. After the slit was cut, a seamstress would bind the edges with the delicate thread or heaviest cord that the material needed.*
*This was a deluxe piece of trivia as featured in a recent MJD-Martin J. Donnelly Antique Tools Auction, Avoca, N.Y.

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