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Ken's Korner: Man finds rare old whiskey in his attic

Ken’s Korner: Man finds rare old whiskey in his attic – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – September 2012
Brian Fite, 50, of St. Charles, Mo., figured he’d save some money on a new central heating and air system in his 1850s home in St. Charles, Mo., by installing the unit himself, and his labor has paid off handsomely with a most unusual find. Underneath the floor boards of his attic, Fite discovered 13 perfectly intact bottles of vintage whiskey – with the booze still inside. Found were bottles of Hellman’s Celebrated Old Crow, Guckenheimer and W.H. McBrayer’s Cedar Brook, all distilled in 1912-1913 and bottled in 1917.
The discovery couldn’t have come at a better time. Interest in rare old whiskey (as an investment) has spiked considerably in recent years, especially after the U.S. made it legal for auction houses to sell spirits. Eager collectors in America, as well as the nouveau riche in China and Russia, are gobbling up high-end whiskey, along with fine art and other collectibles. Some rare bottles have sold for up to $200,000. But Fite says he’s not selling his. Instead, he plans to wait until 2017, open the bottles and share them with friends.

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