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Viking Glass – A Colorful History

Viking Glass Epic Line Rooster

Viking Glass grew out of its predecessor, New Martinsville Glass Company, which was established in 1900 by Mark Johnson and George Matheny. The plant was up and running in 1901 in New Martinsville, West Virginia, known for its natural gas and access to transportation by rail and by river – the Ohio river. The company […]

What’s Selling on eBay: May 2019

What’s Selling on eBay: May 2019

by Deborah Abernethy and Mike McLeod $3,246 (36 bids, 11 bidders); 1881 Princeton vs. Yale Football Championship Program, Walter Camp. This rare antique “PRINCETON vs. YALE FOOT-BALL CHAMPIONSHIP” program is for a game played in New York on November 24th, 1881. This was one of the last Yale games played by Walter Camp, the man […]