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Viking Glass – A Colorful History

Viking Glass Epic Line Rooster

Viking Glass grew out of its predecessor, New Martinsville Glass Company, which was established in 1900 by Mark Johnson and George Matheny. The plant was up and running in 1901 […]

The Allure of Glass is Back

Blenko Glass Modernist “Opaque” Line large Yellow Bowl, No. 2904 made in 2004

by Peter Wade   Something happened this past decade in the glass collecting marketplace that we may all have missed. It’s hard to see when you’re only in one regional […]

Dreidel: A Hanukkah Holiday Tradition

Dreidel: A Hanukkah Holiday Tradition

by Maxine Carter-Lome, Publisher “I have a little dreidel, I made it out of clay. And when it’s dry and ready, Oh dreidel, I shall play.” A dreidel or dreidl […]

Collecting the Tools of the Trade: Glass Molds

Collecting the Tools of the Trade: Glass Molds

Exploring Antique Technologies by Kary Pardy Every object holds clues as to how it was made, with some being more obvious than others. Since you are reading this issue, chances […]

Gavels 'n' Paddles: Louis XIII decanter, $134,750, Sotheby's

Results of Recent Auctions From Near and Far by Ken Hall A crystal magnum decanter of special Louis XIII cognac, engraved with a map of the Americas, sold for $134,750 […]