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In the "spirit" of gift giving, wine is a grape – er, great – choice.

In the "spirit" of gift giving, wine is a grape – er, great – choice.

Wine collecting has gotten much younger and more sophisticated – and has gone decidedly global – thanks to the modern digital age. By Ken Hall One needn’t look any further than the nearest laptop, PC or tablet to figure out the main driver behind fine and vintage wine’s seeming meteoric rise as a hot category […]

Gavels 'n' Paddles: Louis XIII decanter, $134,750, Sotheby's

Results of Recent Auctions From Near and Far by Ken Hall A crystal magnum decanter of special Louis XIII cognac, engraved with a map of the Americas, sold for $134,750 at a Wine Auction held Sept. 9-10 by Sotheby’s in New York City. Also, 10 bottles of 1985 Montrachet, Domaine de la Romanee-Conti made $46,550; […]

Grape Finds

Grape Finds

By Melody Amsel-Arieli Wine, coined elixir of the Gods, is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or other fruit that reflects the history of civilization itself. Evidence of production, probably from wild growth, has been found in Georgia as far back as 6000 BC, while the earliest known winery dates to around 4000 BC […]

Drinking to the Future

Cellarettes in Nineteenth Century America By Erica P. Lome “In the corner [of his grandfather’s house] as you enter the door in the dining room stood the ‘wine cooler’ of polished mahogany, inlaid with wreaths of satin wood, octagon in shape, about three feet high, on six spindling square legs, divided inside with compartments, each […]

On the Road to… California

California has it all in June – fun in the sun weather, beaches, the mountains, wine, music, museums… and outdoor flea markets and antique shows up and down the coast, and throughout the state. ANTIQUE SHOWS, FLEA MARKETS, COLLECTIBLE EVENTS Pasadena Antique Show and Sale May 29-31, 11am-7pm Pasadena, CA  www.bustamante-shows.com The Pasadena Antique Show […]

Gavels 'n' Paddles: Chinese wine vessel, $20,425, Schwenke's

Gavels 'n' Paddles: Chinese wine vessel, $20,425, Schwenke's

Gavels ‘n’ Paddles: Chinese wine vessel, $20,425, Schwenke’s Recent Auction Results From Near & Far By Ken Hall A Chinese archaistic bronze ritual vessel in the manner of the early Western Zhou Dynasty, with 24kt gold and silver inlays, 13 ½ inches tall, sold for $20,425 at an Arts of Asia Sale held March 23 […]

Ken's Korner: Katrina turns important wine collection to vinegar

Ken’s Korner: Katrina turns important wine collection to vinegar – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – February 2006 When the electricity went off at Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, it was the beginning of the end for one of the largest wine collections in the world. The wine cellar at Brennan’s, normally kept […]

Ken's Korner: What did King Tut and Jefferson both enjoy?

Ken’s Korner: What did King Tut and Jefferson both enjoy? – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – January 2006 In a word: wine. King Tutankhamen was a red wine drinker, according to a researcher who analyzed traces of the vintage found in his tomb. And Thomas Jefferson became so obsessed with wine while living in Europe he dreamed […]