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Taxidermy: Exploring one of the Most Complicated Collectibles

Carl Akeley, considered the father of modern taxidermy, was also a talented sculptor, naturalist, and an inventor. He worked on these elephants at the Field Museum but also has a history of working with another famous elephant. While an apprentice at Ward’s Natural Science Establishment, he preserved P. T. Barnum’s beloved elephant Jumbo after a train accident. The project took five months. Fighting African Elephants, photo: Field Museum

by Kary Pardy Someone mentions taxidermy and a few main themes come to mind: trophies in hunting lodges, decor in rustic cabins, or the old stuffed fox at your grandparent’s house or neighborhood antique store. The practice of preserving dead animals was once an art form, and in several ways still is, but taxidermy’s relationship […]

Antiques Peek: March 2017

Antiques Peek: March 2017

And the Winner Is… by Jessica Kosinski Human beings have always had a desire to prove something to themselves and to others. That desire to learn, grow, and succeed is what has driven us throughout history. It is also what led to the idea of rewarding those who are the best in certain fields, especially […]