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Taxidermy: Exploring one of the Most Complicated Collectibles

Carl Akeley, considered the father of modern taxidermy, was also a talented sculptor, naturalist, and an inventor. He worked on these elephants at the Field Museum but also has a history of working with another famous elephant. While an apprentice at Ward’s Natural Science Establishment, he preserved P. T. Barnum’s beloved elephant Jumbo after a train accident. The project took five months. Fighting African Elephants, photo: Field Museum

by Kary Pardy Someone mentions taxidermy and a few main themes come to mind: trophies in hunting lodges, decor in rustic cabins, or the old stuffed fox at your grandparent’s […]

Looking Back at the Road to Avengers: Endgame

Looking Back at the Road to Avengers: Endgame

Comic Character Collectibles By J.C. Vaughn Where would Hollywood be financially without the superhero films, and specifically the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Five of the top 10 all-time domestic and five […]