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Asheford Institute’s Results Of Decorative Arts Trends For 2023

Every year, the research staff at Asheford Institute of Antiques surveys its community of over 2,470 current students and past graduates who are actively employed or working within the antiques, collectibles, and vintage marketplaces, to get a read on current market trends within the antiques, vintage and collectibles community within the United States and Canada.

Survey results, categorized by the age groups of the “proprietor” respondents (defined as respondents operating their own antiques and vintage, or estate sale/appraisal businesses, including online concerns), provide an inside look at the Top 10 item/genre/period listings, and their relative popularity with consumers.

Antique & Vintage Business Proprietors: Age Grouping: 20 – 40

  1. Art Deco
  2. Mid-Century Modern
  3. Textiles
  4. Memphis Design Style (MDS)
  5. Space Collectibles
  6. Victorian – Early, Mid & Late
  7. Early Americana/Canadiana
  8. Kitchen & Barware
  9. Ornate Lighting
  10. Louis XVI

Antique & Vintage Business Proprietors: Age Grouping: 40-60

  1. Automobilia & Petrolina
  2. Mid-Century Modern
  3. Vintage Jewelry
  4. Art Deco
  5. Victorian – Early, Mid & Late
  6. Textiles
  7. Art Nouveau
  8. Country Club Chic
  9. Paintings/Sculptures
  10. Juke Box Décor

Antique & Vintage Business Proprietors: Age Grouping: 60-80

  1. Chinese Antiques
  2. Mid-Century Modern
  3. Victorian – Early, Mid & Late
  4. Georgian (Style) Furniture
  5. Art Deco
  6. Architectural Antiques
  7. Victorian Paintings
  8. Folk Art
  9. Vinyl Records (Vintage Stereos)
  10.  Glass

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