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Guess What? April 2003

Guess What Article for April 2003 The Journal of Antiques & Collectibles
By Bob Cahn, “The Primitive Man”

When it’s wiry, has gears, folds up and is cranked by a long knobby handle – you get the feeling that a GUESS WHAT is about to poke its head above the horizon. It looks like a mechanical skeleton that somebody forgot to feed. We would like you to apply some constructive thinking and put some “mensa” meat on its bones. The twirling hook ring is activated by a crank handle connected to swirling gears, with an adjustable fold-up stand for compact storage.

Just in case the proverbial light bulb doesn’t click on and mental malnutrition sets in, we’ve prepared some thoughts to cover that eventuality.

Could it be:

  1. Rope makers’ sisal twisting machine
  2. Bartenders’ industrial size cocktail mixer
  3. Yarn makers’ wool winding device
  4. Well-bucket lifting apparatus
  5. Early medical laboratory blood centrifuge
  6. Soda fountain malted milk maker
  7. Wet floor twisting mop-head wringer
  8. Ice skate sharpener (with hand-held Carborundum stone)
  9. Mechanical slate and marble polishing machine (buffing pad missing)

Dimensions: height – 91/2;” base – 7” L x 3” W; handle – 51/2” L) Patented Feb 28, 1904 by E. Hilker – Chicago.

We have included the answer among the suggestions. Verification and explanation next month. Till then!*

* Enigma from Mike Goodman’s archaic archives – Vermont and Florida.

Answer to March 2003 ‘Guess What?’

The descriptive answer alone tells all. Last month’s challenge is called “The Lazy Anglers’ Nibble Alert Snooze Alarm.” Any questions? The stick is poked into the river, stream, or lake bank. You toss the drop line into the drink and thread it into the coiled wire holder at the top. Any slight nibble would cause the loosely mounted bell half to quiver and tremor, making contact with its firmer other half – resulting in a gentle tintinabulation resembling a belly dancer’s rhythmic self-accompaniment. ** Available for acquisition

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