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Guess What? February 2013

Guess What? February 2013

By Bob Cahn – “The Primitive Man”
Up for grabs — right or left hand?
When was the last time you looked at something strange, scratched your head, got splinters, and found your curiosity juices flowing?
How about now! We’ve got a hand-held 6″ long double pronged serrated piece of iron.
We admittedly do not have documented verification of its function — but are 90% sure that our guesswork, along with your participation, can nail down the remaining 10%.
Here are our suggestions — with the arrogant answer next month.

Guess What? February 2013
Guess What? February 2013
Is it:
1) Meat ball shaper
2) Coconut shell reamer
3) Garden bulb planting hole digger
4) Cantaloupe seed center cleaner/melon baller
5) Woodworker’s/carver pine knot remover
6) Upholsterer’s chair bottom burlap stretcher
7) Picture framer’s back of painting matte finishing tool
8) Carpetlayer’s tack remover
9) Pillow stuffer’s kapok pondder
10) Blacksmith’s/farrier’s horseshoe preparation cleaner
11) Candlemaker’s dripping wax mold cleaner
12) Taxidermist’s carcass scraper.
The list is ended, your turn to start the guessing clock. Our guess next month.
’Til then!*
*Mike Goodman, King of Stuff, contributes another stumper from Townshend, VT.
Answer to January’s Guess What
Guess What - Traditional re-creation but still baffling!
Guess What – Traditional re-creation but still baffling!
In today’s tight airport security atmosphere, last month’s GUESS WHAT would surely be confiscated as a terrorist threat, but as a traveler’s compact safety razor, it was quite harmless. Easily pocket-portable, it simplified the grooming process.*
*Warm thanx to Brenda of George’s Antiques, Fullerton, CA, exhibiting at Mike Grimes’ Del Mar Antique Fair.
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