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Guess What? May 2003

Guess What Article for May 2003 The Journal of Antiques & Collectibles
By Bob Cahn, “The Primitive Man”

Another year, another Brimfield, another intriguingly rare GUESS WHAT to ponder and challenge your powers of perceptive deduction… with an added bonus, a two-fer. What we have performs two different functions –– having gumption to exercise its versatility either standing or lying down. Being hinged for the occasion, helps. We’ll make it easy on you –– figure out one of the two, with a little mischievous help from our illustrious “Dept. of Red Herrings.”

The cast iron skeletal frame has both design and strength blended into an eye-catching profile, with a circular flip-down platform. [Size references: 13-1/2 in. L. (closed); 13 in. high (open); platform diameter 4 in.]

Here are some plausible and implausible possibilities:

  1. R.R. track-walkers emergency lantern stand
  2. Portable painters touch-up can bracket rest
  3. Driving range small golf ball bucket holder
  4. Pet frog iron lily pad sunning substitute
  5. Early George Foreman campfire hamburger patty maker and grill
  6. Combination folding bootjack and foot rest shoe shine polish stand
  7. Newsstand self-service change receptacle
  8. Back porch bird seed feeder
  9. Camp site sunny-side-up fried egg mini skillet.

We’ve included the correct answer in the nine entree menu above. Choose one and match it against next month’s answer.

See ya!*

A debt of gratitude to Bev and Rob Armbruster, Brewster, NY.

Answer to April 2003 ‘Guess What?’

Last month we submitted a whirling, twirling, spiraling, crank-handled, geared mechanism, minus its long wooden handle. By showing this photo with a string mop head (not a proper fitting one), we’re revealing its use – a self-attached wet-mop wringer. Wrapping and winding the strands around the bent question-mark hook and cranking it, they become entangled and tightly twisted while the moisture is squeezed out.*

* From the odd-ball Mike Goodman collection, Vermont and Florida.

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