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Guess What? December 2001

Bob Cahn Guess What Article for December 2001
By Bob Cahn, “The Primitive Man”

Simple but strange, or transposed to “Simply Strange” — either way describes this month’s “Guess What.” Obviously hand-held, this cast iron multiple opening device served a very specific multifaceted purpose. This is a much sought after example by collectors fanatically immersed in this category.

It has an even-spaced series of blunt raised spike guards surrounding each hole. The handle is hollow, with decorative filigree perforations (strictly for design and to make for a less bottom-heavy piece to wield). [apologies for the murky photo] Size: 9” long x 4” diam.

The following less than sincere suggestions is our way to help jumpstart the thought-solving process such as:

  1. Orchard grower’s fruit-picking size grader
  2. Bread dough kneader
  3. Marble shooter’s championship sizing guide
  4. Mini matzah ball maker roundness tester
  5. Jeweler’s ring finger sizer
  6. Iron knuckles for a six-fingered assailant
  7. Fruit salad melon ball, blueberry and grape measure
  8. Optometrist “ready-in-an-hour” lorgnette lens checker
  9. Early child’s soapy water bubble maker
  10. Watchmaker’s varying power magnifying loupe (when the lenses are in place)
  11. Taxidermist species eyeball matching guide.

We’ve done our part, time to do yours. Full revelation next year.*

*Gracious thanx to “Kooks” collectors Bill and Rosemary Ulmer, Whitmore Lake, Mi.

Answer to November 2001 Issue Guess What..?

We both know that an “alarming” answer is about to unfold and we can thank the Automatic Alarm Co. of Chicago for their ingenuity and inventiveness as documented in their patent of Sept. 2, 1902. Last month we gave you a choice of seven possible answers and if seven-to-one odds looked attractive, you’d have won if you picked No. 3. This hotel room door intruder security alarm bell was placed with the two prongs at the top digging into the door and the spring activated point at the bottom wedged against the floor. When forced from the outside, the pressure set off the spring wound alarm bell… a raucous answer to the dead bolt!*

*Available for acquisition

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