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Ken's Korner: Cable announcing end of WWII sold

Cable announcing end of WWII

Ken’s Korner: Cable announcing end of WWII sold

Ken’s Korner
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By Ken Hall
Cable announcing end of WWII sold.

Cable announcing end of WWII
Cable announcing end of WWII
A naval cable signaling the end of the war against Japan in 1945 has been sold at auction for just over $20,000. The buyer was an unidentified Nevada collector who said he purchased the rare document for his 31-year-old daughter and added he might display it in museums, as he has other items in his collection. The seller was Bob York, 65, the son of Navy veteran Robert W. York, who received the dispatch while serving aboard the USS Holland in the South Pacific on August 15, 1945. Mr. York recently passed away at age 91.
His son said the cable, on 8 inch by 6 inch paper, was his father’s prized possession, and that he hoped a museum or serious collector would acquire it. York said he was hoping it would bring $7,000 or more. The dispatch, from President Harry S Truman’s navy secretary to Rear Admiral Francis Denebrink, commander of the Pacific sub fleet aboard the USS Holland, said, in part, “All hands of the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard may take satisfaction in the conclusion of the war against Japan.”

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