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The View From Where You Sit: Personal Magnification Devices

Microscope: 3 convex lenses in the inner cylinder, fitting into shagreen (snakeskin)- covered tube, with gilt-bronze finial cap and tripod stand, optics by Passemant, ingénieur du roi, France, c. 1750 photo: metmuseum.org

by Melody Amsel-Arieli   Simple magnification devices, like water-filled spheres and rock crystal (quartz) “burning glasses” were known around the Mediterranean and across the Middle East in ancient times. These evidently served not only to light kindling but also to cauterize wounds and enlarge texts. According to Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder, Nero viewed gladiator […]

Keeping Perfect Time

Keeping Perfect Time

The Evolution of the Metronome By Maxine Carter-Lome If you ever took music lessons chances are you are familiar with the metronome; the audible task master that helped you to keep time with the music. While digital software has replaced the need for the box with the swinging pendulum, it remains an endearing and “old […]