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The View From Where You Sit: Personal Magnification Devices

Microscope: 3 convex lenses in the inner cylinder, fitting into shagreen (snakeskin)- covered tube, with gilt-bronze finial cap and tripod stand, optics by Passemant, ingénieur du roi, France, c. 1750 photo:

by Melody Amsel-Arieli   Simple magnification devices, like water-filled spheres and rock crystal (quartz) “burning glasses” were known around the Mediterranean and across the Middle East in ancient times. These […]

In the Beginning: 19th Century World’s Fairs

In the Beginning: 19th Century World’s Fairs

By Maxine Carter-Lome When the gates to the Crystal Palace opened on May 1, 1851 to welcome guests to the Great Exhibition, they opened the door to the future. Thirty-two […]