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Forged Signatures: Tips to Help Collectors Find the Real Deal

The Declaration of Independence boasts of a plethora of signatures from some of America’s most famous men, but whose do you think is the most valuable? The podcast Radiolab conducted in an investigation and the winner is Button Gwinnett! Surprised? Gwinnett’s obscurity increased the value of his signature. He only has 51 documented signature examples and was killed in a duel in 1777. photo: Andrea Izzotti/ Shutterstock and Reader’s Digest

By Kary Pardy, writer of “Exploring Antique Technology” Mickey Mantle’s baseball, a celebrity-signed photograph, the copy of the Declaration of Independence from your relative’s attic: the value of each of […]

Antiques Peek: February 2019

Antiques Peek: February 2019

The Power of the Pen by Jessica Kosinski For as long as humanity has existed, communication has been essential. Today, computers are commonly used to communicate. It is easy to […]