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Antiques Peek: Military Badges

Army of the Potomic Calvalry Corps

by Jessica Kosinski As modern humans, we are used to conflict; whether in the form of a small disagreement with a neighbor or a full-scale war. There is evidence that such conflicts existed well before well-documented eras. Archaeologists indicate that, in the earliest days of humanity, the population was too low for large battles to […]

Forged Signatures: Tips to Help Collectors Find the Real Deal

The Declaration of Independence boasts of a plethora of signatures from some of America’s most famous men, but whose do you think is the most valuable? The podcast Radiolab conducted in an investigation and the winner is Button Gwinnett! Surprised? Gwinnett’s obscurity increased the value of his signature. He only has 51 documented signature examples and was killed in a duel in 1777. photo: Andrea Izzotti/ Shutterstock and Reader’s Digest

By Kary Pardy, writer of “Exploring Antique Technology” Mickey Mantle’s baseball, a celebrity-signed photograph, the copy of the Declaration of Independence from your relative’s attic: the value of each of these items lies in its authenticity. Forgers go to great lengths to dupe collectors, but unfortunately, several other roadblocks are not inherently sneaky. Collectors of […]

What’s Selling on eBay: March 2019

What’s Selling on eBay: March 2019

By Deborah Abernethy and Mike McLeod $2,293 (42 bids, 11 bidders): Vintage Raymond Loewy Old Antique Colonial Globe Art Deco Bakelite Map Radio. In the rarest of colors, white Bakelite. A Google search of the “artist Raymond Loewy” and “colonial globe” will give all the historical facts on this rare item. This Art Deco Machine-age […]

Gavels 'n' Paddles: Washington signed book, $138,000, Case Antiques

Gavels 'n' Paddles: Washington signed book, $138,000, Case Antiques

Results of Recent Auctions From Near and Far by Ken Hall A leather-bound copy of Volume 1 of The Massachusetts Magazine, owned and signed by George Washington and given to his friend and biographer, the U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall (1755-1835), sold for $138,000 at an auction held January 28th by Case Antiques […]

Gavels 'n' Paddles: Washington article, $173,000, Bonhams

Results of Recent Auctions From Near and Far by Ken Hall A newspaper printing of a journal that then 23-year-old George Washington kept and which was published in the March 1754 issue of The Maryland Gazette sold for $173,000 at an auction held April 11 by Bonhams in New York. In the article, Washington, then […]

Rarities From U.S. Presidential History Headline Auctions at Bonhams New York

Caren Archive II: How History Unfolds on Paper on April 11 NEW YORK—Coinciding with the current U.S. Presidential election season, Bonhams New York announces Treasures from the Caren Archive II: How History Unfolds on Paper, a monumental auction on April 11 featuring important rarities from U.S. Presidential history—of special interest for new and established collectors […]

Gavels 'n' Paddles: 1920s Arcade panel van, $21,240, Bertoia Auctions

Results of Recent Auctions From Near and Far by Ken Hall A circa-1929 Arcade ‘White’ delivery panel van with ‘Peerless’ ad sold for $21,240 at a Holiday Surprises event held Nov. 13-15 by Bertoia Auctions in Vineland, N.J. Also, a rare clockwork George Washington display toy fetched $10,620; the same price was realized for a […]

Gavels n Paddles: Gilbert Stuart portrait, $40,625, Doyle New York

Results of Recent Auctions From Around the World by Ken Hall A portrait of a gentleman by the renowned master portraitist Gilbert Stuart (Am., 1755-1828), possibly of Charles Lee of Virginia, who served as U.S. Attorney General under George Washington and John Adams, sold for $40,625 at an American Paintings, Furniture and Decorative Arts Auction […]

Collecting Political Memorabilia

Collecting Political Memorabilia

by Raymond M. Farina Collecting memorabilia from America’s past political campaigns and elections can be traced to the first inauguration of George Washington and the several varieties of then expensively made clothing buttons produced to commemorate that memorable event on April 30, 1789. There are over 27 different known varieties of uniform-type clothing buttons manufactured […]

What’s Selling on eBay: April 2015

by Deborah Abernethy and Mike McLeod $11,090 (26 bids): Authentic 1786 George Washington-Signed Document. The majority of the rare autographed items we are listing tonight were found among a large collection of books hidden in the attic of a Massachusetts home. The owner had thought all these years that their home didn’t even have an […]