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Pottery of South Carolina’s Edgefield District

clay jar with flower

South Carolina laws against educating slaves had been on the books since 1740 and were as solid as ever at the time of Dave’s birth. These same laws were only exacerbated after a well-planned slave revolt in 1822 was unsuccessful. Fearful, the General Assembly enacted even more unforgiving literacy codes, adding a strict penalty for […]

Mining Collectables in America: A Study in Mining History

gold ore

By Fred N. Holabird It didn’t stop with the California Gold Rush. Prospectors began searching remote regions all over the world –– Australia, Western Europe, Africa, Asia; they left no place unsearched. Prospectors first searched the great ancient and historic sources of gold and silver looking for more. Most of those were futile attempts, but […]

Oleg Cassini: Defining American Vintage

Oleg Cassini

By Maxine Carter-Lome “My preoccupation is to make women look beautiful.” Oleg Cassini, Time , 2005. Although identified as a great American designer, and best known as the “man that dressed Jackie” during her White House years, Oleg Cassini was actually born Oleg Aleksandrovich Loiewski in Paris in 1913 to an aristocratic Russian family with […]

Vintage Wallpaper Revived and Ready

60-nouveau vignette

Whether the effect you’re after is Mid-Century Modern or Sputnik there’s a pattern that will set the right tone for your favorite 50s room. Related posts: Majolica Around the House Comic Book Grading Sears, Roebuck & Co. The Fostoria Glass Company: Staying Flexible with Solid Glass Three Centuries of Art and Architecture at the Portland […]

Vintage Watches

Vintage Watch

Those who owned one were likely to wear it and have it serviced over the years, when parts were frequently replaced (such as bezel inserts and crowns), and perhaps the luminous material on the dial or hands was refreshed for better night visibility – all with the goal of making the watch a more effective […]

Away in a Manger

Away in a Manger

Nativity Sets Around The World by Donald-Brian Johnson | Photos by Leslie Piña “And it came to pass while they were there, the days for her to be delivered were fulfilled. And she bought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger, because there was no room […]

Dreidel: A Hanukkah Holiday Tradition

Dreidel: A Hanukkah Holiday Tradition

by Maxine Carter-Lome, Publisher “I have a little dreidel, I made it out of clay. And when it’s dry and ready, Oh dreidel, I shall play.” A dreidel or dreidl (known in Hebrew as a sevivon) is a four-sided spinning top and a beloved children’s game played during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. A dreidel […]

The Tradition of the Christmas Stocking Around The World

The Tradition of the Christmas Stocking Around The World

by Judy Gonyeau There is a tale that speaks to the heart of the winter holidays. Typically, this is a time when giving gifts to charity overcomes the disagreements and human entanglements that can sometimes keep people apart by bringing them together to support those in need. Such is the story – or stories – […]

Hagen-Renaker: A Miniature that was Meant to Be

Hagen-Renaker - A Miniature that was Meant to Be

by Judy Gonyeau So many of us have seen these tiny treasures mounted to a piece of strong paper and displayed on the counters of drug stores, small shops, and even a few gas stations across the U.S. Dogs, ducks, horses, cats, and teeny tiny mice called to many children as precious little items to […]