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Gavels ‘n’ Paddles: John Wayne revolver, $517,500, Rock Island

John Wayne revolver, $517,500, Rock Island

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By Ken Hall

All prices include the buyer’s premium


John Wayne revolver, $517,500, Rock Island The revolver used by actor John Wayne in the movie True Grit sold for $517,500 at a Sporting & Collector Firearms Auction held Oct. 6-8 by Rock Island Auction Company in Rock Island, IL. Also, an M2-2 flamethrower flambéed its high estimate, hitting the mark for $19,550; and a Civil War-era 1851 Colt Navy pistol with rare shoulder stock changed hands for $17,250. It was RIAC’s first-ever third Sporting & Collector Firearms Auction in one year. The auction grossed over $8 million.