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Bookshelf: Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies

Bookshelf: Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – September 2012
By: Todd Sigety
Publisher: Foundation for Appraisal Education
Pages: 320
Price: Paperback $55
The 2012 edition of Journal of Advanced Appraisal Studies contains nineteen in-depth original research articles and topical discussions relating to personal property appraisal. While the Journal is targeted primarily at professional property appraisers, it also contains useful insights and information for anyone associated with the business of personal property such as auction houses, estate lawyers, insurance brokerage houses, museums and cultural property conservators. It has been said that the mission of the Foundation is to “promote the advancement of education related to personal proerty appraising.” The foundation was formed in 2002 as an independent arm of the International Society of Appraisers. The Foundation raises funds to provide scholarships for continuing studies for both new and veteran appraisers by publishing the Journal.

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