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Can I have your Autograph?

Stan Lee at an autographing event. "I would write the stories, and hope the public would buy them and like them, and then I'd be able to pay the rent. I never really spent time thinking how long will that last, because I knew if the character became unpopular, I can always write another one. I was always writing other ones."

by Maxine Carter-Lome, Publisher Since ancient Roman times, a man’s ability to sign his name separated him from the masses and marked him as a member of the ruling class at a time when all but a very few were illiterate. A man’s signature entitled him to make decisions that affected people, property, and wealth, […]

Antiques Peek: May 2018

Antiques Peek: May 2018

Theater Souvenirs by Jessica Kosinski Broadway shows have become a major part of the culture of both New York and the United States as a whole. Theatre productions are also popular in many other parts of the country, especially large cities like Boston and San Francisco. In fact, plays, operas and pantomime performances have a […]