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Publisher’s Corner: April 2017

Publisher's Corner: April 2017

A World Affair with Glass by Maxine Carter-Lome I hope I am not alone in loving the new PBS mini-series, Victoria, a romantic dramatization of a young Queen Victoria at the rise of her monarchy and through her courtship and

Publisher’s Corner: March 2017

Publisher's Corner: March 2017

AB1570: A Game Changer? by Maxine Carter-Lome On September 9, 2016, California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB1570 Collectibles Sale of Autographed Memorabilia into law. An expansion of an existing consumer protection law (CA Civil Code §1739.7) that applied just to

The Kalo Shop

The Kalo Shop

Timeless Handwrought Beauty by Maxine Carter-Lome Much has been written about Arts & Crafts furniture, architecture, and ceramics, and such icons of the movement as Stickley, Newcomb, Van Briggle, and Frank Lloyd Wright, among others. Less is known and has

Publisher’s Corner: February 2017

Publisher's Corner: February 2017

“… remember the Ladies” by Maxine Carter-Lome When we think about the American Arts & Crafts Movement, we tend to think of such influencers as Gustav Stickley, Elbert Hubbard, and Frank Lloyd Wright, among others. Rarely do the names of

Aladdin Lamps

Aladdin Lamps

108 Years and Still Burning Bright By Maxine Carter-Lome The story goes that while growing up in a sod farmhouse a few miles south of Minden, Nebraska, Victor Samuel Johnson attended to his studies by the dim flame of a

Publisher’s Corner: January 2017

Publishers Corner: January 2017

Let there be light! By Maxine Carter-Lome It was New Year’s Day 1880 and visitors were flocking to Menlo Park, New Jersey to see Thomas Edison’s newest invention – the electric light. As the “New York Herald” reported that day,

Publishers Corner: November 2016

Publishers Corner: November 2016

Turning Mid-Century Modern, Again by Maxine Carter-Lome It’s the tail end of 2016 and the subject of mid-century modern design seems as much on trend today as it was when it first burst on the scene in the mid-1940s. Just

Publisher’s Corner: October 2016

Publisher's Corner: October 2016

Folk Art Collectibles by Maxine Carter-Lome So what exactly is “Folk Art?” The Museum of International Folk Art defines it as the “art of the everyday.” Others define it as “the art of the people” and “art made by the

Publisher’s Corner: September 2016

Publisher's Corner: September 2016

Tools of the Trades By Maxine Carter-Lome Eli Whitney is credited as saying “We can’t make anything until we make tools.” That’s the take-away from this month’s issue. Every profession has its tools of the trade, and those tools have

Publisher’s Corner: August 2016

Publishers Corner: August 2016

The Art of Appeal Maxine Carter-Lome Like many of the topics we cover in this magazine, “Advertising” is a broad category assigned to a wide variety of collectibles, including signs, posters, serving trays, calendars, clocks, product packaging, store displays, and