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Gavels ‘n’ Paddles: Coca-Cola litho sign, $6,000, Rich Penn

Coca-Cola litho sign, $6,000, Rich Penn

Recent Auction Results from Near & Far By Ken Hall   A Coca-Cola litho on cardboard “Prevent Forest Fires” sign, 33 inches by 39 inches, sold for $6,000 at an auction held July 23-26 by Rich Penn Auctions in Waterloo, IA. Also, an English Edwardian taxidermy diorama on a parlor stand fetched $5,225; a 19th […]

Charmed, I’m Sure: Big Dreams, Love, and Luck Come in Small Packages

This gold charm bracelet of Elizabeth Taylor’s charts the milestones of her extraordinary life and sold at Christie’s for $326,500 in 2011

by Judy Gonyeau, managing editor   Evidence has been brought to light that charms were perhaps first formed as far back as 75,000 years ago according to the discovery in Africa of shells being used for adornments. Moving forward to 30,000 years ago, intricately carved mammoth tusk charms were found in Germany. Back in 10,000 […]

Gavels ‘n’ Paddles: Mackintosh bedside cabinet, $328,000, Lyon & Turnbull

Mackintosh bedside cabinet, $328,000, Lyon & Turnbull

Recent Auction Results from Near & Far By Ken Hall   A bedside cabinet by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Scottish, 1868-1928) sold for $328,000 in an online Decorative Arts: Design Since 1860 auction held Nov. 2-3 by Lyon & Turnbull in Edinburgh, Scotland. Also, an extra-size “Tudric” pewter and abalone clock design, circa 1900, by Archibald […]

Exploring Antique Technologies: Science and Sparkles – Demystifying your Jewelry Collection

Archeologists have discovered what they claim is the world’s oldest natural pearl on Marawah Island, off the coast of Abu Dhabi. The pearl dates back 8,000 years to the Neolithic period – the last stage of the Stone Age. It was found in a layer at a Neolithic site that dates to 5800 B.C. to 5600 B.C. “The presence of pearls at archeological sites is evidence that the pearl trade existed from at least as far back as the Neolithic period,” said Abdulla Khalfan Al-Kaabi, the director of the archeological survey.

by Kary Pardy   How many times have you looked through a jewelry display at your favorite antique shop and was just a bit unsure about the quality or elements of a piece you wanted to get as a gift? When you’re considering buying antique jewelry or are curious about something you already own, it […]

Antiques Peek: Birthday Bling

Early promotional card for birthstones featured at the local jeweler

by Jessica Kosinski Have you ever received or purchased jewelry that featured your birthstone? The tradition of birthstones incorporated in rings, necklaces, and other jewelry seems like one that has been around forever. That’s why most of us don’t even question it. However, like everything else, there is an origin story associated with birthstones. Let’s […]

Eisenberg Originals

Eisenberg Originals gold-plated Sinbad figural fur clip with turbaned head with pave and enamel detailing and multi-colored teardrop framed rhinestone dangles, circa 1940. Sold for $1,250

by Ken Hall   Eisenberg Originals are the most beautiful and brilliant pieces of costume jewelry no one’s ever heard of. The massive collection of someone who literally wrote the book on Eisenbergs was recently auctioned off to many lucky buyers who, thanks to her, know what the excitement is all about. A Collection—and Specialty—Begins […]

Gavels ‘n’ Paddles: Russian triptych icon, $25,000, Doyle

Russian triptych icon, $25,000, Doyle

Recent Auction Results from Near & Far By Ken Hall   A patinated metal and cloisonné enamel triptych icon, featuring a depiction of the Resurrection in the central panel flanked by images of St. Alexander Nevsky and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, sold for $25,000 at an auction of Russian Works of Art held October 28th […]

Cameos – Wearable Sculpture in Relief

Cameos come in all sizes, forms, materials, subjects, and colors. This is an example of a carnelian shell cameo brooch

by Maxine Carter-Lome, publisher   Cameos are one of the most widely recognized types of jewelry. Many of us may even own a piece, most probably handed down from a family member. These miniature relief sculptures have a history that pre-dates the birth of Christ by 300 years, with origins in the ancient carving traditions […]

The 100 Year Perspective

On January 1, 1921, California beat Ohio State 28-0 in the Rose Bowl. In that same week, the country’s first religious service radio broadcast aired on KDKA-Pittsburgh, Turkey made peace with Armenia, and Eugene O’Neill’s “Diff’rent” premiered in New York City. The second year in what would turn out to be an explosive decade of […]