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A History of National Service: Over the past half-century, U.S. public policy has sought to increase the number of Americans engaged in service activities and volunteering.

In John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address on January 20, 1961, the President called on all Americans to commit themselves to service and sacrifice: “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” Kennedy believed that democracy thrives only when citizens contribute […]

Lionel Standard Gauge: 1906 – 1940

Lionel Early Standard Gauge trolley No.1

by Bruce C. Greenberg, Ph.D. Additional copy on Joshua Lionel Cowen provided by Judy Gonyeau, managing editor Joshua Lionel Cowen was an extraordinary inventor and entrepreneur. From a young age, Cowen’s mechanical talent was evident to the point that his parents enrolled him in the Peter Cooper Institute High School which was, oddly enough, named […]

Gavels ‘n’ Paddles: Copy of the Declaration, $4.42 million, Freeman’s

Copy of the Declaration, $4.42 million, Freeman’s

Recent Auction Results from Near & Far By Ken Hall Signer Charles Carroll’s copy of the Declaration of Independence sold for $4.42 million at a single-lot auction held July 1st by Freeman’s in Philadelphia. It was the second-highest price ever paid at auction for a copy of the Declaration, and the most ever paid at […]

Antiques Peek: Workin’ On The Railroad

Longines Express Monarch Canadian railroad pocket watch, 1901

by Jessica Kosinski  When you think of the history of railroads and railroad collectibles, you might picture toy trains first. Alternatively, your mind might go straight to other collectibles, such as railroad lanterns. Station or track signs and dining car items may also come to mind. What you might not think of is a small […]

Gavels ‘n’ Paddles: Prince handwritten lyrics, $150,986, RR Auction

Prince handwritten lyrics, $150,986, RR Auction

Recent Auction Results from Near & Far By Ken Hall The handwritten lyrics to the late entertainer Prince’s song Nothing Compares 2 U, from the collection of Prince’s former assistant Therese Stoulil, sold for $150,986 in a Marvels of Modern Music auction held June 17-24 by RR Auction in Boston, MA. Also, an Allman Brothers […]

Peter Cooper: An American-Made Model of the 19th Century

A vintage 1937 original photograph depicting Baltimore & Ohio Railroad introducing its newest with its oldest. The famous Tom Thumb is posed with a shiny EA built by Electro-Motive Corporation of La Grange, Illinois.

by Maxine Carter-Lome, publisher The venerable Peter Cooper, whose philanthropic life endeared him to every citizen of New York, died at 3 o’clock yesterday morning,” reported the New York Times on April 5, 1883. Although the family planned for a small funeral, thousands turned out to watch the procession. “Shops closed down; traffic on Broadway […]

Gavels ‘n’ Paddles: Copy of Avengers #1, $23,125, Bruneau & Co.

Copy of Avengers #1, $23,125, Bruneau & Co.

Recent Auction Results from Near & Far By Ken Hall A copy of Marvel Comics’ Avengers #1 (Sept. 1963), graded CGC 8.0, featuring appearances by the Fantastic Four, Loki, and Teen Brigade, sold for $23,125 at a Comic, TCG & Toy auction held July 10th by Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers in Cranston, RI. Also, a […]

Railroads On Parade

“A super-spectacle!” Promo poster for Railroads On Parade.

by Donald-Brian Johnson   “Do you think that progress will be swayed By the tea-kettle that this man has made? This Iron Horse?”  – Edward Hungerford, Railroads On Parade, 1939   The theme of the 1939-1940 New York World’s Fair was The World of Tomorrow – The Fair’s biggest draw focused on the world of yesterday.  […]

Gavels ‘n’ Paddles: Kurt Cobain drawing, $281,250, Julien’s Auctions

Recent Auction Results from Near & Far By Ken Hall   A self-portrait caricature drawing by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, created during the group’s 1992 Nevermind promotional tour, sold for $281,250 at a Music Icons auction held June 11-13 by Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles. Also, Alex Van Halen’s 1980 Invasion tour and Rock and […]

The Return of Shows: It has not been easy but show organizers are working hard to return to live events

This week is the return in full of the Brimfield Antique Shows after over a year’s hiatus due to COVID. Like all small shows and large-scale events, there remains some trepidation about what this year’s Brimfield shows will look like and who and how many will attend. If the success of some recent shows is […]