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Ken's Korner: Shard of pottery has giant Goliath’s name

Ken’s Korner: Shard of pottery has giant Goliath’s name – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – January 2006 In a famous Biblical tale, David slew the giant Goliath with a slingshot. But did it actually happen? Archaeologists digging at the purported home of Goliath near Jerusalem have unearthed a shard of pottery bearing an inscription of Goliath’s name. […]

Ken's Korner: Starbucks & Rolling Stones team to release CD

Ken’s Korner: Starbucks & Rolling Stones team to release CD – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – January 2006 Starbucks, the coffee giant, and the Rolling Stones, the rock giants, have teamed to release a CD of rare Stones remixes, B-sides and hard-to-find live recordings. “[amazon_link id=”B000BP86MI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Rarities: 1971-2003[/amazon_link]” was released in Starbucks locations on […]

Ken's Korner: Google may challenge eBay as flea market site

Ken’s Korner: Google may challenge eBay as flea market site – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – January 2006 Google, the Internet’s most-used search engine, may encroach on the turf of eBay, the No. 1 e-commerce site, with an online marketplace where people could sell products. Just the announcement that Google was thinking of such a move sent […]

Ken's Korner: Rosa Parks trustee is fighting exploiters

Ken’s Korner: Rosa Parks trustee is fighting exploiters – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – January  2006 Within days of Rosa Parks’ death in late October, funeral programs from her memorial service in Detroit began popping up on eBay and were fetching more than $150. Not any more. Adam Shakoor, one of two trustees appointed to handle Parks’ […]

Ken's Korner: Mushroom vase achieves world record price, $100K

Ken’s Korner: Mushroom vase achieves world record price, $100K – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – January 2006 A Clement Massier “Mushroom Vase” (ca. 1897-99) sold for $100,000 — a world record — at a show of “Masterpieces of the French Art Pottery, 1885-1910” held at the new Jason Jacques Gallery in New York City. The vase stands […]

Ken's Korner: Babe Ruth’s ‘34 ‘Tour of Japan’ uniform displayed

Ken’s Korner: Babe Ruth’s ‘34 ‘Tour of Japan’ uniform displayed – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – January 2006 A uniform that Babe Ruth wore in 1934 during a U.S. All-Star Tour of Japan went on display at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville, Ky. The uniform was shown for only two days — November 11 and 12 […]

Ken's Korner: Beach Boys claim items up for auction were stolen

Ken’s Korner: Beach Boys claim items up for auction were stolen – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – January 2006 A spokesman for the Beach Boys, one of the seminal rock bands of the ‘60s, said that early contracts, music and handwritten lyrics slated to be auctioned through Cooper Owen in London were stolen and should be returned. […]

Ken's Korner: Royal tiara makes first appearance since 1947

Ken’s Korner: Royal tiara makes first appearance since 1947 – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – January 2006 When Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Prince Charles, wore a royal tiara to Buckingham Palace for a recent state banquet honoring the King and Queen of Norway, it was the first time the headpiece had been worn […]

Ken's Korner: Hip Hop icon “Jay-Z” signs cards for Topps

Ken’s Korner: Hip Hop icon “Jay-Z” signs cards for Topps – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – January 2006 Hip Hop singing star “Jay-Z” has signed all 50 of his 2005-06 Topps basketball cards and they are ready for delivery to collectors and fans holding redemption cards. “Jay-Z” has also finished signing cards for remaining Topps basketball […]

Ken's Korner: Sharpie raises money with ‘Autographs for Education’

Ken’s Korner: Sharpie raises money with ‘Autographs for Education’ – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – January 2006 Usually, the common folk seek out the autographs of the rich and famous. But the opposite is true with Sharpie markers’ “Autographs for Education,” in which noted celebrities appear at festivals and special events in search of as many “autographs” […]