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Guess What? August 2002

Guess What Article for August 2002 The Journal of Antiques & Collectibles
By Bob Cahn, “The Primitive Man”

What’s half round, made of brass – with iron support struts and boasts a robust wood handle? If your radar is working, you should know we’re referring to our feature nominee for this month’s “Guess What.” It has an interesting physical profile: short and stubby with concentrated power – but for what purpose? Let’s give you the dimensions for size referencing: 9”L x 10” blade arc; height of blade – 2”; wood handle – 4”L.

Let’s get to the task at hand, with some perpetrated possibilities; you be the judge.

  1. Chart makers instrument for plotting the learning curve
  2. Dried bread and cracker crumber (rolled vertically)
  3. Barbecue grill burnt grease scraper
  4. Fireplace charcoal retriever
  5. Window box soil and plant food mixture mulcher
  6. Clay sculpture smoother and shaper
  7. Pizza dough kneader
  8. Table top shuffle board thruster
  9. Gambling casino’s crap table croupier’s rake
  10. Horse sweat stick perspiration squeegee.

We always let you know if we do or don’t include the answer amongst the suggestions. Suffice it to say your odds are 10 to 1. Full revelation and explanation next month.
Till then!

Answer to July 2002 Issue ‘Guess What’..?

This is one of the easier answers to come up with since the picture does all the talking. It’s a rare, pocket size cast iron nutcracker. It has different references for different generations. To some, the wing nut screw has a heart shape motif, while others might refer to it as Mickey Mouse ears. It can handle primarily pecans or hazelnuts. Need we mention its rarity?

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