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Guess What? December 2002

Guess What Article for December 2002 The Journal of Antiques & Collectibles
By Bob Cahn, “The Primitive Man”

Did it clamp, grab or snag? All of the above – which made for a pretty busy “Guess What?” Three out of three calls for plenty of overtime – especially when used for its designated purpose.

Your designated purpose is to figure it all out and guess which of the following ten suggestions is the real one. The wood cork, when forced into position – secured and kept the apparatus’ spiked jaws tightly locked. [It measures 5 1/2” long.]

Let the guessing begin:

  1. Shriners convention frisky elevator butt-pinching device
  2. Leather workers’ hide-grasping clamp
  3. Lobster claw safety nipper prevention
  4. Fish tail hanger freshness water drag
  5. Oriental fingertip torture
  6. Balloon vendors’ errant product fly-away anchor
  7. Fireman’s fire truck boot hanger
  8. Trout fisherman’s hip waders holder-uppers
  9. Tinsmith’s sheet working gripper
  10. Toddler wander-off restraint

Next month we’ll let you know how many were on target. See ya!

Answer to November 2002 Issue ‘Guess What’..?

In last month’s “Guess What?,” we conceded that the chair portrayed also functioned as a scale (with the weighing mechanism encased in the arm-rest box.) We asked you to figure out who was so tired that they needed to sit down while being weighed. Wait no longer: jockeys! They were weighed with the saddle and tack – in their lap. This enabled the track authorities to handicap each horse by mandating a parity weight balance assignment, allowing for a so-called level playing field out of the starting gate. *

* Courtesy of Watson Antiques and Auctions, Oceanside, CA

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