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Guess What? July 2002

Guess What Article for July 2002 The Journal of Antiques & Collectibles
By Bob Cahn, “The Primitive Man”

A gadget with a twist; that’s what this month’s “Guess What” has in common with cocktail specifications at your local watering hole. Not quite a martini, but heady stuff, nevertheless. We’re referring to the cast iron ring with the threaded heart shaped wing nut protruding from its midriff. Looks simple, but it’s filled with loads of contemplative intrigue.

Before we launch into a host of possibilities, some dimensions to give size references: 3” tall x 11/16” diameter. opening; wing nut 13/16” across; screw head diameter. 7/16.” The choices:

  1. Early big toe blood flow tourniquet
  2. Glass tube high water level indicator
  3. Carpenter’s dowel cut-off marker
  4. Absent-minded task finger reminder
  5. Plumbers stubborn pipe gripper
  6. Cigar makers outer leaf wrapper sealer clamp
  7. Gardeners branch grafting clamp
  8. Limited variety nutcracker
  9. Marble shooters roundness measure
  10. Primitive wedding band safety guard.

Review the list, close your eyes and pick one. The correct answer is hiding somewhere among the impostors. Check in next month for the answer. Till Then.

Answer to June 2002 Issue ‘Guess What’..?

A smug answer to last month’s puzzle? A fence stretcher. But an unusual ranch version. You’re entitled to a more in-depth explanation, but you’ve got to produce an affidavit from the foreman verifying that you own a horse, for without one, you’d have a difficult time. Fasten and tighten the vice-like clamp (using the wing nut) to the loose or torn end of the fence and adjust the length of the leather strap and buckle; attach the brass hook around the saddle horn. With the horse keeping things taut and acting as an anchor – you staple the wire, completing the repair.

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