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Guess What? December 2003

Guess What Article for December 2003 The Journal of Antiques & Collectibles
By Bob Cahn, “The Primitive Man”

Putting things on a verbal pedestal is a frequent practice of GUESS WHAT – but it’s not necessary this month because it comes with a pedestal of its own. Actually, it’s a wood base – nicely beveled oak – that anchors a spindly, wrap-around vertical wire spring structure, with a Ubangi lip-like top. It proudly bears the inscription: “Devoe’s Patent, July 9, 1901, just missing Victorian status by a mere two years, but certainly qualifying for “turn-of-the-century.

We’ve whipped up our usual impossible puree for pondering – but first, some dimensional forensics: height 3 3/4 inches; disc diameter 2-1/2 inches; base 3 by 3 by 5/8 inches thick. Care to hazard a guess – and the operative word is “hazard”?

Is it:

  1. Vertical spring-action mouse trap
  2. Early box office dollar bill clamp
  3. Wild bird window ledge suet feeding station
  4. Magician’s “Is this your card?” re-appearance device
  5. Memo or bill holder
  6. Stamp supply clamp
  7. Pen and pencil grabber
  8. Stock broker’s ticker tape holder
  9. Film editor’s 35mm scene segment filing device
  10. Seamstress leftover threads holder.

You’ve got some tough choices; next month’s answer (which is included among the above) will verify your toughness.

Till then!*

*Alice Picker, Solana Beach, CA

Answer to November 2003 ‘Guess What?’

If you like orchard roaming, you’re not the only one. So do hundreds of insects and bugs. This hanging glass orchard (tree) trap took care of the flying variety – before pesticides. A honey-and-water mixture attracted them. They entered from the top and the bottom and couldn’t find their way out. This particular version came from Arizona, circa 1910.*

*from the interesting trap collection of Dennis Fuse, Redding, Conn.

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