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Guess What – May 2014

Guess What? May 2014

Guess What – May 2014

Sort of a sorter…
…with plenty of holes in the theory!
By Bob Cahn – “The Primitive Man”
Four drawers of emptiness to start with — and gradually filling up in a step-down filtering process.
Pretty confusing and contradictory, but it’ll all work out in the end; trust us.
Did we mention, this is one of those infrequent instances we like to call “Stipulation Time” wherein we acknowledge certain obvious factors and characteristics of the item and ask you to refine its purpose with intuitive guessing. We stipulate that it’s a grader or sorter of sorts.
Allow us to more finely describe this month’s GUESS WHAT. One look through the oval opening on top shows a series of cut-out holed tin drawer bottoms in descending sizes. Each succeeding lower drawer also features cut-out holes, but of reduced sizing.
Guess What? May 2014 Guess What? May 2014
Your challenge is to determine from the following — its ultimate purpose. What was it used to grade or sort? 1.) Radish farmer’s size sorter
2.) Marble shooting sizer
3.) Early gambling casino/country bank coin sorter
4.) Plumber’s faucet washer size organizer
5.) Olive tree grower’s marketing/jar filling evaluator
6.) Sour balls/jaw breaker candy sizer
7.) Bead stringer’s/necklace crafter’s size arrangers
8.) Upholstery nail sorter
9.) Gum drops grouper
10.) Goldminer’s/assayer’s nugget value determiner
11.) Bingo caller’s spent ball repository
12.) Gemologist’s karat grader
13.) Kumquat grower’s packaging sizer.
Time’s up! Answer next month. Is your subscription up to date? ’til then!*
*Thanx to Jennifer Price Studios, Cedros St., Solana Beach, California for making this available.
Answer to April’s Guess What
Last month’s seemingly inert submission was a one-of-a-kind hand-made blacksmith created sheet metal basket weaver’s reed sizer.
Guess What? April 2014
Its crude wooden frame was added — basically to prevent cutting oneself when using it. As we mentioned before, Band-aides hadn’t been designed yet.
The importance of  this device: the hole sizer ranged from large to small in graduated sizing and the basket weaver relied heavily on it to insure the evenness of their woven artistry by having all the reeds of one size.*
*Available for acquisition.

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