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Great Collections: The National Law Enforcement Museum

Reel to Real, an exhibit that shows the portrayal of law enforcement in pop culture, with toys, props, and memorabilia from iconic cop shows and movies.

  The National Law Enforcement Museum opened its doors to the public in October of 2018, creating for the first time a place to share and showcase the story and history of American law enforcement. Authorized by President Bill Clinton on November 9, 2000, it took years of a public review process before construction of […]

Great Collections: The Yale Collection of Musical Instruments

Early 19th century English Glasschord by Chappell & Sons. According to Wikipedia, the glasschord is a crystallphone that uses keyboard-driven hammers to strike glass bars instead of metal bars. photo: Yale School of Music

The Yale Collection of Musical Instruments was established in 1900, when Morris Steinert, an entrepreneurial figure who played an important role in shaping New Haven’s music scene, gave his private musical instrument collection to Yale, consisting primarily of keyboard instruments, seeding the Collection. The acquisition of the Belle Skinner Collection (1960) and the Emil Herrmann […]

Great Collections: The Collection of Steve Martin at Julien’s Auctions

Lot 740: Steve Martin Oscars poster signed by celebrity attendees at The 2010 Academy Awards ceremony

Emmy, Grammy, People’s Choice, and Academy Award Winner hardly begin to describe Steve Martin, who has entertained us for decades on radio and TV, in the movies, on music-hall stages, and in comedy clubs across the country and around the world. His brand of homespun and goofy humor and always charming and memorable characters are […]

Great Collections: Art, History, and Entertainment are on Display at the New England Carousel Museum

Here Restorations Manager Lisa Ronalter applies pinstriping to a horse bound for the carousel at Sonny’s Place in Somers, CT, an antique machine built in 1925 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

By Kristen Berggren, Program Coordinator The New England Carousel Museum has been an important fixture in the city of Bristol, CT since it was founded in 1990. At that time the museum was a tenant in the converted hosiery factory on Riverside Avenue and had only one horse to its name. The menagerie of wooden […]

Great Collections: Harvard’s Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments and Its Founder, David P. Wheatland

David P. Wheatland

Sara J. Schechner, Ph. D. (photos: Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, Harvard University)   This is a story of the impact a collector can have on creating one of the world’s most celebrated of specialized museums. The museum is Harvard University’s Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments and the man responsible is David P. Wheatland of […]

Great Collections: Robert and Helen Cargo Collection of African-American Quilts at the International Quilt Museum

Dr. Cargo and Yvonne Wells

The International Quilt Museum at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is home to the world’s largest publicly held quilt collection. With quilts spanning five centuries and more than 55 countries, the museum is focused on creating an encyclopedic collection. That is, a collection that represents the depth and breadth of quilts and quilt making traditions throughout […]

Great Collections: Assembling Only the Best: The Pedro Correa do Lago Autograph Collection

Pedro Correa do Lago

Assembling Only the Best: The Pedro Correa do Lago Autograph Collection From June 1 through September 16, 2018, what is considered “one of the most comprehensive autograph collections of our era”* was offered on display at the Morgan Library in New York City. For anyone who missed this once-in-a-lifetime display of some of the most […]

Great Collections: April 2020

Glass plate with the Libbey logo inscribed.

The Glass City Museum: How Edward Drummond Libbey’s Glass Collection Started the Toledo Museum of Art   Edward Drummond Libbey was one of the most influential leaders who innovated the manufacturing of glass and fostered its craftsmanship and design in the U.S. His management style was based on the powerhouses of the time—Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, etc.—but […]